Whether it’s a Victorian in Lafayette Square, a mid-century modern in Crestwood, or a gingerbread in Southampton; home is your safe haven & a place to create happy memories with those you love. Our family of hard-working real estate professionals are here to help you get there.

Carrie Lorenzo

Direct | 314-307-9658

Office | 314-353-0336


Although Carrie is crazy about the City, she’s also holding down the fort for us in South County where she & her family live. She’s lived in or around St. Louis her entire life and aside from a nice vacation on the beach, St. Louis is where she wants to be. When you meet Carrie you can instantly feel her calm, good natured vibe and you likely won’t meet a more genuine, realistic person. Carrie’s degree in Interior Design will help you find a super cute & stylish place in no time or she can help you get your current home in drool-worthy status and ready to sell. Neighborhoods like Webster Groves, Glendale & Kirkwood hold a special place in Carrie’s heart and she is even willing to face her arch nemesis, traffic, to get there. Carrie’s downtime is spent with her two adorable boys & husband, working on one project or another on their house.

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